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ING Direct isn’t like most other banks. They don’t have traditional branches, and customers bank with them over the phone, on the internet, and on mobile devices.

With existing applications developed on other platforms like iOS and Android, ING was keen to release the first banking application on the new BlackBerry 10 platform when the platform was released. Their search for a development partner to build a BB10 application that could securely transfer financial information, provide accurate location mapping and more led them to bitHeads, a BlackBerry-certified partner.

Familiarity with the OS, and being equipped to deal with the challenges of working on the leading edge were important considerations, as were the security concerns of accessing financial information in a mobile application on a new platform. Early gaps on the platform in mapping functionality would necessitate creative solutions in order to deliver the great experience expected by ING’s clients.

To deliver on customer expectations, the bitHeads team developed a hybrid native cascades and HTML5 application that incorporated device level alerts, financial snapshots, a rewards referral program, and integration with ING’s twitter and YouTube accounts. To maintain complete security, a secure server link with ING’s existing web infrastructure was created using HTML5 and the device browser. The challenges in building a mapping feature that were imposed by the early stage of the platform was overcome by calling the data from ING’s server, enabling a seamless ABM location feature for device launch.

The application was pre-loaded by carriers for the launch of the platform, highly acclaimed on BlackBerry World and the recipient of BlackBerry’s ‘Putting Customers First’ mobile award.

Post-platform launch, as ING looked to the evolution of the application and rising consumer demand for more complete mobile banking experiences, ING wanted to extend the application’s functionality to include a mobile cheque deposit feature. This project necessitated further integration into the device hardware to access the camera and several secure server and application calls to properly read and validate the photo data.

Extending the functionality of the first project, bitHeads added a cheque deposit feature to the application. The application automatically takes a photo when the cheque is in focus and scans all printed and written data, then securely transmits the information to the processing gateway.

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