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Highly scalable design drives innovative cloud-based enterprise solution

More than ever, businesses are relying on connected data and the internet of things to communicate and share information. Historically, software and desktop applications have been developed and used in silos with information traveling in relatively predictable routes from user to application and from application to user. But as we entered the era of mobile applications, the approach to development changed along with consumer needs. Going mobile meant accessing systems from anywhere and application connectivity improved, as did integration with multiple legacy systems – ERPs and CRMs that include SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Salesforce and more – giving users more power and high-level integration.

Nortec, a global leader in humidification technology, had developed a desktop tool that aided in the identification of requirements and assisted their sales force to recommend ideal solutions. As their business, and the needs of their channel, grew more and more sophisticated, requirements for updates increased in frequency and demand for application availability from any internet-available location grew rapidly. External engineers and channel representatives needed access to data from anywhere and access to important product information at release was essential. Nortec was seeking a more user-friendly experience that would allow users to easily understand the system with little to no advance training and wanted it all provided in the cloud.

In addition to this collaborative, online tool for their sales force, Nortec was searching for a way to connect customers to a secure online remote alert system that would allow them to monitor and maintain optimal operating conditions for their essential humidification system installations. This application was to service large customers for whom the humidification systems played a key role in day-to-day operations, such as with datacenters, Commercial and Industrial buildings, and customer sites where such a process was already occurring manually.

In order to meet the demand for these services without an internal development team, Nortec turned to bitHeads, who’ve been at the forefront of enablement for these types of applications, having worked with customers in the financial, manufacturing, and retail sectors to develop engaging experiences for users while managing the integration of complex technology and system requirements behind the scenes.

To read more about the challenges that bitHeads helped Nortec to overcome, read our latest whitepaper, The Connected Customer Experience: Building Tools That Make it Easy.


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